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Microsoft Windows Server 2020 is the next version of Windows Server after Windows Server 2019. Announced in early 2020, and released to the public on December 15th, 2020, Windows Server 2020 brings the all-new Windows 2020 interface, plus a redesigned Server Manager, and lots of new features.


Build Name Date
19135 Pre-Insider Preview (polaris_prerelease) January 7, 2020
19510 Pre-Insider Preview (polaris_prerelease) April 14, 2020
19912 Insider Preview (polaris_prerelease) July 21, 2020
19997 Insider Preview (polaris_prerelease) September 29, 2020
19999 Insider Preview (polaris_prerelease) October 20, 2020
20056 Release Preview (polaris_release) October 27, 2020
20198 Release Preview (polaris_release) November 10, 2020
20877 Release Preview (polaris_release) November 24, 2020
21495 Release Preview (polaris_release) December 1, 2020
21678 Release Preview (polaris_release) December 8, 2020
21680.2 Pre-RTM (polaris_release) December 9, 2020
21680.44 Pre-RTM (polaris_release) December 14, 2020
21680.45 RTM (polaris_release) December 15, 2020

Windows 2020

Microsoft Windows 2020 is a version of Windows that has Windows Server 2020's features.

Build 19135

First Pre-Insider build of Windows Server 2020.

Build 19912

First Insider build of Windows Server 2020, introduces the all-new colorful, modern, gradient-filled, beautiful, and powerful Server Manager based on Win32 using XAML Islands, and uses the all-new Advanced Management app as a framework, which is the modern replacement for Microsoft Management Console.

Build 19997

Introduces the new Windows Server Kernel, version 11, that makes Windows Server very stable, fast, and bug free. Brings the new Windows 2020 design to Windows Server, except by default, effects like Acrylic, Reveal, etc are disabled (but they can be turned on), and also the default theme is now the mixed theme, dark taskbar, dark Start menu, Action Center, etc, but light Search bar, and light apps.

Build Code2

Adds some final polishing to the design, fixes lots of bugs.

Build 20056

First Release Preview build of Windows Server 2020.

Build 20877

Adds new Windows Server 2020 wallpaper that is a light grey gradient with text in the bottom right saying Windows Server 2020.

Build 21678

Adds some last finishing touches to the system and fixes any more bugs.

Build 21680.2 (Pre-RTM)

First Pre-RTM build of Windows Server 2020, prepares Windows Server 2020 for release.

Build 21680.44 (Pre-RTM)

Adds final finishing touches and prepares last parts of the system for release.

Build 21680.45 (RTM)

The final release of Windows Server 2020, released to the general public on December 15, 2020.

View concept images of Windows Server 2020 here:


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